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Bring It Home To Me
Prime finally gave up shooting scenes for their own IDs, and instead began using Seven's IDs with the 'Streets of your Town' music, 'Give ME...' sentances overlayed on top and a new closing scene tagged to the end. They were gradually faded into use from the IDs below, being used alongside them for a few months.
705KB Widescreen Video 30 secs
Bringing It Home To Me
These are updated versions of Prime's ME IDs, with a new closing scene. They also introduced TV screens into the IDs, which show captures of programmes on Prime, which link to the activities the people are doing. This was the first time Prime's own IDs were broadcast in 14:9 on analogue TV. Prime also began using Seven's IDs with the Prime closing scene attached to the end.
754KB Widescreen Video Medium
244KB Blue Heelers ID
The One To Watch
This ident was a version of Channel Seven's. It was used to show off all the Channel Seven people and shows that won an award at the logies. It was the first ident used on Prime to feature black bars up the top and bottom, The One To Watch music and the 7onPRIME logo (because it is something from Seven). The ident below was also used during the time this ident was.
1.20MB 20 secs
Bring It Home To Me
A new logo and name came with this ident; 7onPrime, although it is only seen on promos ect. A much classier ident than previous ones, this ident is an original to Prime. It uses the music from 'Streets of Your Town' by The Go-Betweens. The ident doesn't match any on-air graphics, which are versions of Channel Seven's. It was late in being broadcast because of delays with Prime and it's website.
1.53MB Medium/March

This Is Where We Live...
This ident is the first version of Seven's in 5 years. It features Seven Network shows from Australia and overseas. It is the first Prime ident to highlight Seven's 5 colours. The slogan 'This Is Where We Live' was still used in promos, but not in the ident. At the start of 'Summer TV' a new version was used, and a special ident for Christmas.
1.76MB Long
931KB 2nd Medium
1.51MB Christmas
This Is Where We Live...
This ident was acumpanied by Olympic scenes. There are many versions of it, with different music, but with these same graphics at the end. The slogan 'This is where we live' was not used directly, but indirectly with things like 'Where We Live' in songs and 'This Is Where Champions Live' was used.
316KB End Graphics
1.81MB Olympic Long
873KB Midday Movie
This Is Where We Live...
These ids were used during Summer 1999-2000, showing people enjoying summer activities. They were used alongside the New Millenium ids.
383KB Version 1
383KB Version 2
Special thanks to Mark Sales and Jason Campbell for capturing videos on this page!


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